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Characteristics of an Effective Support Tech

Support techs may have several responsibilities, such as the installation, testing and maintenance of PC and network hardware and software. The qualities necessary to excel in this position, however, go way beyond the capability to perform specific tasks.

Here are the requirements for being a truly effective support tech:

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Being disciplined affects various areas of the support tech’s job, like setting and following a schedule, meeting deadlines, providing timely solutions to users’ problems, and even staying calm when provoked by an irate client. Needless to say, disciplined support techs are more trustworthy and likely to prosper as IT professionals.
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Effective Prioritizing

Effective prioritizing happens only when the support tech has good knowledge of all employeess roles in the organization, the priorities of the business and its overall nature. Support techs must do everything they can to know the business and effectively prioritize their tasks and commitments.

Dedication to Problem Resolution

The tech must be dedicating to solving the problem, which occurs only when the client is satisfied with the results and the resolution is in accordance with company policy. Not only must he be willing to follow all the required steps, but he must also be capable of it, even a crisis situation, tying loose ends where necessary.

Good Communication Skills

In most cases, the support tech is the point of contact between a company and its clients. In other words, the tech should be a good listener and able to communicate with users in a language known to them.


Change is part of this whole world called information technology, and those who want to continue being productive must pursue all available opportunities to grow their knowledge, whether through formal schooling or simply by asking questions from their bosses or colleagues.

Logical and Creative Thinking

Techs need to apply a consistent, logical technique when trying to resolving computer problems. Even in the face of a new situation, the tech must be able to solve the problem, or isolate the problem conflict at least. Supporting logical thinking, the tech must also be capable of creative reasoning leaps if he fails with the use of logic alone.

Technology Inclination

If the tech is not technology-inclined and just regards his job as routine, he will be less likely to stay up to date with the recent developments or have sustained enthusiasm for the job. Having a tech who loves technology is particularly important during a rollout, where users must learn a new product in order to perform their job functions. These are the techs who can actually encourage as well as reassure users, thus improving relations between company and client.