I Just Got Moved in Today

I spent a couple of weeks looking for a new apartment, although I never really found exactly what I was looking for since that did not exist. I wanted to get a place on my own that I could afford in a perfect location, but no one ever really gets exactly what they want. my old roommate was driving me nuts with a lot of president Trump news, the guy is obsesed. I got one of my friends to help me move, but I should have gotten someone bigger and stronger than this guy. Now I need a chiropractor I suppose. The problem was not that hard to predict and in fact I seriously thought about just abandoning this sleeper sofa. My Mom gave it to me when I was a junior in college and at the time I needed it. I was living in a single room of this big house near the campus, so it was really good to have a sofa bed that you could use day and night. However this thing is incredibly heavy, just like any other sleeper sofa you would get.

We had to take this thing up two flights of stairs and we knew very well that it was going to be difficult to do it, so we set it down on the curb and left it until we had moved all of the other stuff up the stairs. Jack was fine on the first flight of stairs, but on the second one he started to act like he was loosing his grip. He was the guy on the upper end and so when he let loose of that thing all of the weight came down on me. I held onto it and eventually he picked up his end and got it the rest of the way up the stairs. I was hurt and the next day it was worse.