Hoping That My Left Knee Can Be Fixed

I went to another doctor today, it must be about the thirtieth one that I have seen since the accident. This one told me that I should go to see another doctor, one name Harold Clark who was involved in providing something called PRP therapy in New Rochelle NY, which is something that I was not aware of until I went and did some homework about it. Apparently it is not really something that has been approved for very long, because when you search for this some of the things you find are about professional athletes having to leave the country in order to have it done. They would go to see doctors in Germany because you did not used to be able to get it done in this country. At any rate other people with knee injuries like mine have done it and many of them are going to tell you how well it performed for them. At any rate I really need to have something done, or else I am going to be using a cane for the rest of my life.

The accident was pretty much a fluke. I was going done the highway and there was something in the road, which I could not avoid because there was traffic all around me. It was something of a miracle that no one was really seriously hurt. Whatever it was that I went over cut my tire and I went to spinning in the middle of really heavy traffic. Most of the other drivers managed to avoid colliding with me, but then the people behind us piled up, not having anywhere to go really. At any rate I got banged up really good and in particular there was some serious things wrong with my left knee and it is still messed up.