I Needed to Get My Knee Fixed

I love the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have been a fan of the team since I was a kid in the 70s and watched the Steel Curtain dominate throughout the years. I never lost my passion for the Black and Gold, and that is how I ended up getting PRP treatment in New Rochelle, NY. One of my more recent favorite players is Hines Ward. I followed a lot of news about him while he was playing, which is how I found out about his own PRP treatments prior to playing in the biggest game of his career, which he won.

I had no idea what it meant, but that changed not long ago. I have a sports injury myself, and I was just not healing as fast as I wanted from it. When my doctor gave me some options, I perked up when he told me about PRP treatments. I still did not know what it was, but I remembered that Hines Ward had talked about his own PRP treatments. I also remembered how he dominated in the Super Bowl that year, so I was hoping that it would have similar results in me.

The doctor I went to explained the process, which is actually very simple. They just take a vial of blood from me, which is not painful at all. They run it through a centrifuge, and that is what separates the blood. It is then injected back into the body. For me, the pain was all centered around my knee, so that is where the injection was. The initial injection was felt, but it was just like getting any shot so it was not bad at all. The best part of all this is that within a couple of months, I was able to start doing things that I never thought my knee could handle again.