We Are Looking Forward to Our New Condo

When I decided to come to Singapore for university, I honestly never thought I would stay. I loved everything here though, and I just could not picture leaving, especially after meeting the man who is going to become my husband. We fell in love, and the rest really is history, or it will be! We knew that we wanted to get married quickly, but we also knew that we had to find a place to live. We decided to rent an apartment after getting married, but that was just after we looked at https://www.foretec.com/treasure-at-tampines-new-launch-in-singapore and was able to read all the details of a condo development that will be ready very soon.

Even though I have only lived in the dorm and now this apartment, I have still had nice dwellings. Nothing compares to what we are going to experience at Treasure at Tampines once we move in there. We are both very active, so it is nice that there will be a gym and swimming pools. Yes, that is plural! But, there is so much more than just that. I like to have natural activity too, so I am super excited that there are parks nearby where I can just lose myself while hiking and biking.

There are also so many shops and other places where we will be able to go and have fun. We can walk to quite a few, and there is public transportation when we don’t want to take our car out. It is just stunning to look at the pictures of where we are going to be living very soon, and I cannot wait until my parents are able to come back and stay in our guest bedroom for an extended visit once we are living at Treasure at Tampines. It won’t be much longer now.