A Different Path for Investment

Taking after my brother who made a lot of money by investing in shares, I decided to enter the market and make a financial path for myself. He made his money by getting into various tech stocks while they were still low enough. I took a different path, instead using AIM share tips to invest in companies that were centered around mining for metals. Things like copper and aluminium are wanted because they are used in a lot of products, so naturally their stocks would net investors a good profit. I just had to be smart with my investments to get the same success that my brother had.

My brother was surprised to see that I made the same amount of money he did when he first started out in less time. When he did his investing, things were much different because of the technological landscape. Investing these days is easier than ever, with people being able to invest using just an app from their phone. In addition to this, there are various websites that make it easy to invest. For my brother, he had to rely on doing things the old fashioned way, which was a lot more difficult and time consuming.

I’ve been doing some thinking about what I should do with the money that I made from investing. I’m going to keep investing some so I’ll have more money, but beyond that, I haven’t decided on an idea. My brother started a software company with his money. I could start my own business, or maybe open a franchise of an existing business. I’ve always wanted to have a certain restaurant near me, since no one else would open a franchise in my area. In order to get to the closest one, I would have to drive nearly an hour.