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Low cost accomodation for men easily available

In most places in India it is far easier to find low cost accomodation for men in both cities and towns, costing less than $10 a day. This is because in India, women are mostly second class citizens, who are only expected to look after their homes and families by the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies. Single women who start a business are subjected to a very vicious slander campaign, endless atrocities, theft of resume, retirement savings, by the indian intelligence and security agencies especially cbi, to force them to a agree to identity theft.
So most business owners and sales professionals who have to travel on business are male, and there is a lot of demand for low cost accomodation for men. Realizing this in a small city like panaji, goa, there are at least 3 providers of low cost accomodation.
There are specifically mentioning that they are only providing accomodation for men only as safety of women cannot be guaranteed. The accomodation is very basic , consisting only of bunk beds , though some are also providing air conditioning
These low cost accomodation usually lodges or dormitory are popular among backpackers who know about the city, small business owners and sales persons with a limited budget. Wealthy individuals may also use these lodges for their personal staff

Low cost lodges, dormitories can send their details for a complimentary listing