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Time for Relaxation: Copenhagen Hotels

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen lies on the east coast. It is the capital of the country that consist the Jutland Peninsula and other small islands. The Oresund Strait separates Sweden from the country. Denmark’s capital is a Nordic city. Colorful Copenhagen hotels and traditional restaurants overlays the cobblestone streets and clear and clean canals. The modern style of paradise and the fairytale style of Copenhagen hotels are a must to try. No other way to grasp Copenhagen hotels’ beauty than with the distinctive Danish word, Hygge. Hygge, is a word that you can’t quite put your finger on it, just like Copenhagen hotels.

Copenhagen hotels are flourished with hygge like candles that light through the windows. These Copenhagen hotels are like warm sense of magic that fills the streets. These Copenhagen hotels are the wharf’s reason of vibrancy. You can enjoy more of Copenhagen hotels near the city’s pretty gardens. When the sun sets, you will forget why life is stressful. An excellent way to savor Copenhagen hotels every day.

You can also find these lovely Copenhagen hotels, cafes, and numerous bars near a 17th century waterfront and canal district, Nyhavn. Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants of these Copenhagen hotels. Grab a bite, have a drink, and watch while boats pass by from your windows. These Copenhagen hotels are very near to this famous sculpture of based from the story of Hans Christian Andersen, the little mermaid. Some of these Copenhagen hotels have been here for more than 100 years, wishing to catch her eager tourists.

There are Copenhagen hotels beside the famous royal palace at Amalienborg, home of the Danish Royal family. Guards are changing every day at noon at the Amalienborg. It makes you feel like a student of Danish culture when you are in this area watching the ceremony. And if you are into fairy-tale magic just to head to the Tivoli Gardens. The park has delighted thousands of generations since 1843. The Danish people loved this soulful place. You should try one of the oldest functional wooden roller coasters in the world or try the towering Star Flyer for some spinning floats.

If you are into nature trips, take a picnic and savor the city’s many other green spaces. Visit the botanical gardens which are near to the center of town and famous for its traditional, historical glasshouses. Copenhagen is hard to define but once you experience it there is no going back. It actually tops the list of the world’s happiest cities. It seems like the fairy dust that seems to be in the air always floating. Hygge is more of experiencing it than defining it. So slow down, relax and enjoy the wonderful sights this magical city has to offer.