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African Sermon Safaris Introduces 10-Day Safari Experiences in Africa

Visiting Kenya is a popular expedition for many people. Warm weather, sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife await those brave enough to venture into the wild. For those who want to experience the magic and majesty of Africa, a 10-day Kenya safari tour may be just what they are searching for.

African Sermon Safaris is the leading safari tour operator in Africa. When explorers choose this company for their African experience, they have the opportunity to see lions, cheetahs and other animals on one of the largest wildlife reserves on the continent. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has recently been extended to provide visitors with experiences that last 10 days, rather than just three or five.

“Our company is a local Kenyan owned and operated safari company. It is dedicated to delivering the most satisfying and exciting vacation holidays for visitors. Our staff has worked extensively with the tour operators in Kenya and have an extensive amount of experience and hands-on knowledge to plan, lead, coordinate and run itineraries,” stated company representative Daniel.

For anyone searching for affordable and competitively prices Kenya safaris, this company delivers. Once the safari is booked with African Sermon Safaris they can prepare to travel into the Masai Mari and submerse themselves into the African landscape. They can enjoy days surrounded by large herds of wildebeests and even see the “Big Five,” as well as so much more.

There are even options to add an additional day or to this safari to extend the experience further. In addition to the safari, the accommodations also provide lodging in tented camps along the game-rich lands, as well as impressive hotels. This provides the opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted opportunities providing visitors with the ability to experience the amazing landscape while relaxing and discovering all that Africa has to offer.

Daniel went on to state that, “planning a Kenya safari with us provides a unique opportunity to see sides of Africa that other tour companies don’t have access to. Each of our experienced tour guides ensures an amazing experience for visitors. Even better, or prices are some of the most affordable in all of Africa.”


African Sermon Safaris is a Kenyan owned and operated business. Tours with this company allow visitors to explore and experience Traverse, which is where some of the best-known game sanctuaries and wildlife parks in the entire area are located. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and the unique African culture. The tours vary in regard to length and can be adjusted to meet the needs of visitors. Booking with African Sermon Safaris provides visitors with an experience that other tours can’t match.