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What I Can Teach You About Strips

Selling Diabetic Test Strips for Cash Diabetic test strips are commonly free in the US for diabetes patients or, if not, high discounts are afforded to these patients if they have health insurance. This form of benefit has given the opportunity for some patients to sell their extra strips to willing companies which, in turn, resell these goods to patients who are not insured or under-insured at a lower price than the retail from the market. To sell diabetic test strips, whether done directly or indirectly or online, is 100% legal. However, if your health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, pays for your diabetic supplies, then it is against the law for you to sell them. Price cost of diabetic test strips could vary from 40 cents to $1.00 per piece. The reason for the varying costs can be attributed to the degree of which the kind of enzymes were used, precious metals, chemicals, the test strip materials, the manufacturing design and processing cost – all these add up to the establishment of the cost price.
Smart Tips For Finding Strips
Due to the easy access of securing diabetic test strips, as well as having the advantage of legally selling them, one area of consideration is the expiration date. Selling expired diabetic test strips may be difficult to do but you can explain the related facts on it, like the vial where the strips are contained are sealed and that the true expiration date is still 6 months after the indicated expiry date, then you’ll still have a chance of getting them sold.
Getting Creative With Tests Advice
Because of the growing population of diabetics, the supply of free diabetic test strips has fueled a growing black market. In view of this, a FDA permit is required by the US government to the potential retailers. Before selling the boxes of diabetic test strips, check first the brand because a good brand can demand more cash and sell better. It is also easier to sell brands carrying a longer expiration date. The condition of the boxes is such that it is well-sealed, no tears, and no dents; in that way, you can easily sell them without any problem. Selling these test strips online is the easiest and most accessible rather than commuting to a nearby hospital or clinic and peddling your goods. Online marketing can be tricky, but if you do your research well you may find reputable companies who are in the business of buying test strips. Companies like Test Strip Partners and The Business Bureau, who are in the business of verifying and promoting business enterprises online by way of paging or posting the products and accompanying reviews of consumers, have gained confidence about searches who are looking for reputable and valid companies. You can have a better idea of which companies are performing well from the reviews. Finally, check the customer service of the online company if they conduct business in a professional manner, their manner of communication, and their system of transaction and payment.