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Death of female UK tourists in Goa

The murder of Irishwomen Danielle Mclaughin on 13 March 2017, in Canacona in Goa again highlighted the safety related issues faced by women travellers, especially in India. In most western countries, due to christian religion, a majority of people are more honest and they do not betray those who trust them due to the fear of god. However in India, men often are taught to treat women from india and abroad as second class citizens and have no qualms exploiting UK and other women tourists who make the mistake of trusting them.
The Scarlett Keeling case remains unresolved after nearly 9 years, though her mother Fiona Keeling spent a lot of time and money trying to get justice for her daughter. The mainstream media is often promoting india as similar to western cities and countries like USA, UK, Germany, however they make a major mistake when they refuse to acknowledge the fact that many indian men do not treat women as their equal, and are always looking for an opportunity to exploit, cheat women who make the mistake of trusting them