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Save money on public transport

Most backpackers have a limited budget and the money they are spending on local travel within a state or city can be very high. Hence it is important for backpackers to do some research on the public transport systems available in different places in India.
For example in Mumbai, train travel can be very cost effective, however trains can get very crowded, so the travel timings should be selected carefully.

Goa has some of the highest taxi and rickshaw fares in India, however the bus ticket rates are fairly affordable, with a ticket of Rs 8 covering a distance of few kilometers in the city of panaji. For the same distance, a rickshaw may charge Rs 100 or Rs 120 which is very high for a person with limited funds.

Similarly for travelling from Panaji, to Betim, the government is operating free ferries between Panaji, Goa and a backpacker can save money using the free ferries.